Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese art viewed as moving meditation will support your journey towards relaxation, self-healing, self-defense and spiritual development. You will experience body and mind relaxation, strengthen your body, bring mindfulness to your everyday movements, and discover the intelligence of your body through the connection with your mind and spirit.


Relaxation is often experienced first. Most participants, including beginners, will experience a stage of relaxation during the practice. The slow pace of the practice helps build a meditative state as well as helps strengthen your body.


The healing aspect will be built over time, combining practice, tuning into your body language and intelligence, and learning some aspects of theory about the Tai Chi art.


Self-defense is developed with the understanding of the martial application of Tai Chi movements and forms. It is developed through feeling the internal movement of energy, called Qi (pronounced ‘chi’).

Through correct foundational postures and movements, repetitions, and understanding of foundational principles, the Tai Chi practice opens the gate to your inner intelligence, helping transform yourself, and eventually support your spiritual journey.

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What will you learn?

This class is focused on Yang Style Tai Chi, one of the most common styles of Tai Chi. You will learn the specific movements and forms that characterize this style. A Tai Chi form is a succession of movements executed in a specific order. Individual movements are taught separately to become familiar with them, to learn their martial application(s), as well as strengthening the body and muscle memory through repetition. The forms will bring an extra level of mindfulness, understanding of the flow of energy, and a context to the codified movements.


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