Qi Gong & The Seasons: Fall

Exploring the energy of Fall through the metal element

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Sunday Class exploring the energy of Fall

Qi Gong & The Seasons: Fall

WHEN: September 25th, 10-11:30 am


Each season is associated with an energy that you can support, reinforce, or balance to ensure that your body and mind express their full potential at each phase of the seasonal cycle. The cycle of the seasons is an expression of the continuous movement of Yin and Yang.

The Qi Gong of the Seasons offers a series of classes throughout the year to learn more about the energies that flow through the seasons and how to better align mind and body with these energies.

Join the first class of this new series on September 25th, 10-11:30 am at San Dieguito County Park!


As we enter in the Fall season, the Yang energy starts to decrease, and the Yin energy starts to rise. Fall is a time where the leaves of the trees fall to the ground. It’s also the time of the year when we harvest the fruits of the trees. Thus, it’s an invitation to slow the actions and to take a moment to observe the results of the summer activities.

The Taoist tradition associates the energy of fall with the energy of the Metal element. The Metal energy represents a protection, like the earth gets protected by a blanket of leaves left by the trees. This protective layer is active and will slowly decompose into a nurturing layer, and prepare the soil for winter until it is time for spring to come back.

The energy of the metal element is mostly dominant in our lungs, a Yin organ that goes in pair with the large intestine, a Yang organ. Through exercises that open space for the lungs to express their full potential, you will learn how to nourish the associated meridians and organs, and thus regulate the metal energy.

Fall also represents the end of a cycle which can be difficult to go through sometimes. As we enjoy the energy of the summer, we wish it would continue. Welcoming the Fall energy is acknowledging this phase of ending a cycle with gratitude and compassion. It will create an inner and calm space to help you look at what you have achieved and help you release what does not serve you anymore. The metal energy brings clarity and transparency to observe the reality as it is. A peaceful joy can emerge.

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COME PREPARED: Wear comfortable clothing and bring water. A mat or a towel is highly recommended for seated movements, and a pillow can bring some comfort as well. You can also bring your notebook to take notes.

COST PER PERSON: $20 per class

WHERE: Classes are held at San Dieguito County Park, lower entrance, near the pond:  15936 El Camino Real, Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Free parking outside the park. $3 fee entrance to park inside.

You will find the group near the entrance, on your left hand when walking or driving.

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