Qi Gong & The Seasons: Winter

Exploring the energy of Winter through the water element

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Sunday Class exploring the energy of Winter

Qi Gong & The Seasons: Winter

WHEN: December 4th, 10-11:30 am



Each season is associated with an energy that you can support, reinforce, or balance to ensure that your body and mind express their full potential at each phase of the seasonal cycle. The cycle of the seasons is an expression of the continuous movement of Yin and Yang.

The Qi Gong of the Seasons offers a series of classes throughout the year to learn more about the energies that flow through the seasons and how to better align mind and body with these energies.

Join the class on December 4th, 10-11:30 am at San Dieguito County Park!

Water Element for Winter

In the Chinese tradition, winter is supported by the water element. The  most Yin element of the series. It invites to return to ourselves, rest, and reflect. Associated with the energy of the kidneys and bladder, it’s a time to nurture our vital energy, stored in our bones and bone marrow, and nourished by the energy of the kidneys.

Cold and wet days can bring imbalance. The busy season of the holidays is preventing us to slow down and rest. The overstimulation of our senses with music, sounds, and light is adding up, creating more imbalance. How do you see or feel this imbalance state? Look for signs of fatigue, back pain, stiffness of the body, cold feet. The energy of the kidneys and bladder meridians is not sustained or worse it may get depleted.

On the other hand, a balanced water element, flowing energy in kidneys and bladder meridians will bring nurturing energy to the whole body, good fluidity and flow. You will also regain a good ability to rest and listen to your body. The Qi Gong class of winter will help balance the water element, nourish the associated meridians, and provide exercices that you can do to support your body and emotions to flow through the winter season with ease.

I would like to invite you to reflect with me on the following words. I use them as a mantra to connect deeply with the water element: “I surrender to the night. I surrender to the depths of Silence. For my being to be nourished from within.” (Amelie)


Wishing you a wonderful winter season filled with Joy and Love.

~~ Amelie ~~

Water Element - Amelie Catheline

COME PREPARED: Wear comfortable clothing and bring water. A mat or a towel is highly recommended for seated movements, and a pillow can bring some comfort as well. You can also bring your notebook to take notes.

COST PER PERSON: $20 per class

WHERE: Classes are held at San Dieguito County Park, lower entrance, near the pond:  15936 El Camino Real, Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Free parking outside the park. $3 fee entrance to park inside.

You will find the group near the entrance, on your left hand side when walking or driving in.

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